Top Smartphone Brands in Spain

Top Smartphone Brands in Spain
Top Smartphone Brands in Spain

When you’re a college student, business professional, or just someone with a busy schedule in general, you’re as attached to your phone as Siamese twins.  With so much important information in one little device, why not have a phone that can handle all that and more. Spain’s mobile market has a variety of smartphone brands that can give other brands around the globe a run for their money.  Below you will find some of Spain’s top smartphone brands who are known for their quality and service.


BQ is a Spanish mobile brand that started in 2009. The company manufactures many electronic products including tablets, e-readers, 3D-Printers, smart toys, and smart phones. Their signature smartphone, Aquaris, comes in a variety of models and editions that can compete with any smartphone globally.  The operating systems used are eithera part of the Android One Project or inspired by Android OS.  Other features may include, but are not limited to:

  • 8MP or Higher Camera (including dual flash and autofocus)
  • Dual SIM
  • Snapdragon Processor
  • Dolby Sound System
  • Multitouch-5 points Capacitive Dragontrail Screen
  • Price Range: 129,90€ – 299,90€



Unusual Technology started in 2006 and is known to manufacture tablets, e-readers, smartphones and more.   The prices of Unusual brand phones range from 59,95€ – 199,95€.  The goal of the company is to provide their consumers a quality smartphone at a low price.

Unusual has phones for every user.  There are smartphones for consumers who want a smartphone with basic functions and phones for consumers who want the latest features and technology.  Some of the features you will find in Unusual smartphones include, but are not limited to:

  • VGA – 8MP camera
  • 1300mAh – 2100mAh battery
  • Bluetooth
  • GPS
  • Dual SIM
  • Videocore, GPU:Adreno, Dual Core, or Quad Core Processor


Airisstarted in 1998 as a part of Infinity System, Inc. The company provides its consumers with navigation systems, mp3 players, e-books, TVs, smartphones and more.  Airis’s smartphones come with a variety of features and can suit the taste of many different consumers.  All of their smartphones use the Android operating system and will either come with an HVG, Intel, dual or quad core processor.  Some of the other features may include

  • Bluetooth
  • GPS
  • FM radio
  • MicroSD
  • Frontal Camera (0.3Mpx – 5Mpx) /Back Camera (2Mpx – 13Mpx)
  • Price range 69,90€ – 299,00€


Sunstechstarted in 2003 as a part of the company AFEX Suns.  Although it may not have a wide variety of smartphones, Sunstech provides as many great features and qualities as any other brand. Similar to other brands, Sunstech uses the Android operating system.  Phones are also available with a dual, quad, or octa-core processor.  Some of the other features may include


  • Rear (5 <5MP) and Frontal (<13 MP) Camera
  • Batteries as high as 2600mAh
  • Dual SIM
  • Bluetooth
  • External memory as high as 32GB
  • Internal memory as high as 16GB
  • Prices as low as 99,99€


Vexia is headquartered in Mardid, Spain and is the parent of the Zipper smartphones.  Like most of the other brands, their prices are low ranging from 119,00€ – 229,00€.  Their phones will either have a dual or quad processor, and they also function on the Android OS.  They operate on a 4G or 3G network and include other features such as

  • Dual SIM Card
  • Rear Camera (<8MP) and Front Camera (<5MP)
  • Bluetooth
  • Wifi
  • GPS
  • Zipper Interface and more

The brands listed above are well known for their price, features and quality. High quality at a low price is the goal for any consumer, and they often cannot achieve it with any other brand in the global market.

I blog about mobile phones because I believe that they are a part of the future. I believe that mobile phones are more than a tool to text, take selfies, and constantly check your crush’s Facebook page. It has so many other cool features to offer its user. From the first cellphone, mobile phones have come a long way.

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