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More Spanish Mobile Brands to Look Out for: Part II

Here is the last post of the Spanish mobile brands you need to look out for. Who knew that there were somany brands in the Spanish market? Today we will be having a quick overview of Blusens, Woxter, and Wolder. Let’s see what these three companies have been contributing to the Spanish mobile market. Blusens Blusens has over 12 years

Vexia Smartphones

With so many Spanish mobile brands out there it’s hard to fit everything in one post. Especially since each mobile brand has a variety of phones with different features that may set them apart from the others. In one of our previous posts, you may have heard of the Spanish mobile brand Vexia. Vexia manufactures tablets, GPS products, laptops, smartphones,

Spanish Mobile Phones for Students

No one can deny that college students are some of the busiest people in the world. With classes, homework, exams, social engagements and more, your sanity is probably hanging by a thread. One of the worst things you can do as a college student is be unorganized. Lack of organization can lead to missing important assignment due dates, exam dates,

Spanish Mobile Phones for the Business Professional

As a business professional you are always on the go. Even when you’re “off” you’re probably working on some type of presentation, trying to make a conference call, or anything that requires you to get the job done.  When you’re on the go, you probably rely on your phone more than anything to keep you connected with clients, coworkers, and

More Spanish Mobile Brands to Look Out For

In our previous post, we gave you a rundown of the top five Spanish mobile brands.  Just because we see these brands as top five does not mean we disregard other brands who provide great quality and price as other top Spanish mobile brands. Below, we will share with you more Spanish mobile brands you should be looking out for.

Top Smartphone Brands in Spain

When you’re a college student, business professional, or just someone with a busy schedule in general, you’re as attached to your phone as Siamese twins.  With so much important information in one little device, why not have a phone that can handle all that and more. Spain’s mobile market has a variety of smartphone brands that can give other brands

BQ Aquaris E6 vs. Unusual 50Z+

In the Spanish mobile market, you will find many smartphone brands that will offer you smartphones at competitive prices. BQ and Unusual Technology are some of the leading Spanish mobile brands.  But which one is the best?  Which of these brands produce the latest and greatest smartphone?  Usually, we look at cost as an indicator of quality and features.  The

Smartphone PrimuxEvo Blanco vs Sunstech DM550

We’re back again with another comparison of phones from Spanish mobile brands.  In one corner we have Primux’sEvo Blanco, and in the other corner we have Sunstech DM550.  They’re both in the same price range, so let’s see how they compare. PrimuxEvo Blanco Primux’s goal is to create phones that are affordable, easy to use, and will positively impact their