BQ Aquaris E6 vs. Unusual 50Z+

BQ Aquaris E6 vs. Unusual 50Z+
BQ Aquaris E6 vs. Unusual 50Z+

In the Spanish mobile market, you will find many smartphone brands that will offer you smartphones at competitive prices. BQ and Unusual Technology are some of the leading Spanish mobile brands.  But which one is the best?  Which of these brands produce the latest and greatest smartphone?  Usually, we look at cost as an indicator of quality and features.  The more it cost, the better it is right?  Today, we will compare BQ and Unusual’s most expensive smartphones, BQ’s Aquaris E6 and Unusual’s 50Z+, to see which of these models are the best and if price truly determines if a phone is of the best quality and has the greatest features.

BQ Aquaris E6


The body of the Aquaris E6 is made of resin and an alloy of magnesium and aluminum which makes it light and durable.  The screen is 6” and is designed using the One Glass Solution technique.  Scratches and damage are prevented by alkali-aluminosilicate reinforced Dragontrail.  The dimensions of the phone are 160.3 x 83.0 x 9.0 mm.


The screen has a brightness level of 350-380 nits. It also has a Full HD resolution of 1080 x 1920 dpi px and 367.15.  This feature allows you to see images in great detail without distorting the pixels.

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Camera and Video

The Aquaris E6 features a camera that has dual flash and auto focus.  The frontal camera has 13Mpx – 18Mpx interpolated with a lens size of 1 / 3.2”.  The rear camera is 5Mpx – 8Mpx interpolated.  It’s also equipped with Full HD video which allows you to record videos at 1080p.

Other Features

The phone runs the Android KitKat operating system, where you will have instant access to Google features such as its search engine, Gmail, Google Play and more.  The phone also runs with a Media Tek 2.0GHz True8Core processor.  Other features include

  • 4000 mAhLiPo battery
  • 178° Vision Angle
  • Dual micro-SIM
  • MicroSD 32GB slot
  • Dolby Sound Technology
  • Noise Canceller
  • 16GB Internal Memory
  • 2GB RAM
  • 13GB Memory for Final Use
  • FM Radio and more

The price for the Aquaris E6 is 299,90€.

Unusual 50z+


The size of the Unusual 50z+ is 145mmx 73.5mm, and it has thickness of 8.5 mm.  From the dimensions, we can obviously see that the Unusual 50z+ is a bit smaller and slimmer than that of the Aquaris E6.  With the smaller size comes the smaller screen, but the screen is only 1” smaller (5”) than that of BQ’s phone.


Unlike the Aquaris E6, the Unusual 50z+ does not have Full HD resolution, and the screen resolution is only 540 x 960px.


Camera and Video

The camera has a smaller Megapixel than that of the Aquaris E6.   The front camera has 3 Mpx and the rear camera has 8Mpx.

Other Features

The Unusual 50z+ runs the operating system Android 4.2, and uses a MTK 6589 Quad Core PowerVR processor.  Other features include

  • Dual SIM Card
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 4 GB Internal Memory
  • MicroSD 32 GB Slot
  • 2100mAh Battery and more

The price of the Unusual 50z+ is 199,95€.

The more expensive phone, the Aquaris E6, obviously has more variety and upgraded features.  However, for the lower price of the Unusual 50z+, you don’t get such a bad deal.  You still have a pretty fast processor, and you still have the Android OS.  Although you may not get full HD resolution and high megapixel camera with the Unusual 50z+, it does not mean you cannot achieve great quality pictures.  A personal decision between purchasing either phone will be based on the consumer’s needs and preferences.

I blog about mobile phones because I believe that they are a part of the future. I believe that mobile phones are more than a tool to text, take selfies, and constantly check your crush’s Facebook page. It has so many other cool features to offer its user. From the first cellphone, mobile phones have come a long way.

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