Here you will find answers to some of the questions that may pop up in your noggin while reading my blog.

Why should I switch to a smartphone?

First and foremost, I don’t think everyone has to jump on the smartphone bandwagon. Any reason to switch to a smartphone should be because of your need or preference. Because smartphones these days are pretty much computers in your hand, many people who are always on the go tend to find them of great use. If you’re a student, a professional, or someone who is always on the go, it may be nice to have a phone where you have everything you need in your hand. No need to have access to a computer. Even gamers have found uses for smartphones. So if a smartphone will make your daily life more efficient and organized, you should invest into one. Even if you’re a techie junkie and just like the cool things a smartphone is capable of, it’s totally acceptable. Your choice should be based on your wants, needs, and preferences.

Which is more important price or features?

In my opinion features are more important. If the features justify the price, then I won’t mind spending a little bit extra.

What would you recommend for a college student?

First and foremost, I would recommend finding something within your budget.  You don’t need a pricey phone in order to have a good phone. As a college student you want to be able to check your email, create your personal schedule, read on the go if you need to and more. I recommend phones from Vexia. They are reasonably priced and have a wide range of phones for you to choose from. With the Android operating system, you have instant access to Google Apps that will may your college experience a bit easier.

Why is Android so popular?

Android is able to compete with if not succeed other operating systems on the market. Because of its partnership with Google, it’s more universally acceptable. Google is the most used search engine and email service. Its app store is one of the most competitive in the global app market today.

Why are core processors so important?

Processors communicate to your phone what you want your phone to do. The higher the core processor, the faster your phone will perform the desired task. In many articles, you may have seen terms such as VGA, dual, quad, and octa-core processors. VGA is the slowest of the processors and octa-core is the fastest, but only when you’re multi-tasking or running an app.

What is an interpolated camera?

An interpolated camera is a camera that increases or decreases the pixels of the image that was taken. This makes enlarged images and digital zooms possible. The best interpolated cameras make larger images and zooms possible without the pixels being distorted.

Do Spanish mobile brands serve other countries?

Yes, most Spanish mobile brands serve other European countries and some Asian countries as well.