Spanish Mobile Phones for the Business Professional

Spanish Mobile Phones for the Business Professional
Spanish Mobile Phones for the Business Professional

As a business professional you are always on the go. Even when you’re “off” you’re probably working on some type of presentation, trying to make a conference call, or anything that requires you to get the job done.  When you’re on the go, you probably rely on your phone more than anything to keep you connected with clients, coworkers, and work files.

What should you look for in a phone?

The first thing you should look into when searching the market for a phone is a good processor.  You want your phone to respond quickly to your touch when opening and closing apps.  You also want the apps to run smoothly.  The best processor for you will be either a quad or octa-core processor.

The next thing you’ll want to look into is memory. You want your phone to have adequate storage for any documents, files, and apps you want stored on your phone.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth accessibility is very important.  With Wi-Fi you can do research on the go, check your email, use your videophone, and save cellular data at the same time.  Bluetooth allows you to connect to devices that may be compatible with your iPhone such as headphones and printers.

A good battery is also vital.  You want a phone that could last you through the day without having to recharge constantly.  Look for a phone that has at least 2500mAh or higher.

You also want a phone with a reliable operating system.  Most, if not all, Spanish mobile brands use Android operating systems or operating systems inspired by it.  Because Android is developed by Google, you will be using apps like Gmail, Google Docs, Google Play, and more.

A good network is also important.  When you are not using your Wi-Fi, your Network is what keeps you connected to the web, allows access to your email, and helps most of your apps work.


What is available in the Spanish mobile market?

There are many Spanish mobile brands out there that are looking for your business and will offer you great phones at a great price.

BQ Aquaris E5s

BQ’s Aquaris phone comes in many versions and editions, and each phone uses some version of Android.  The BQ Aquaris E5s uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor 412, which will make downloading faster, your battery last longer, your graphics crisp and vibrant, and give you great network connectivity and speed.  It also uses the Android Lollipop operating system.  It has 16 GB of internal memory, 2 GB of RAM, 10.8 GB of usable memory, and you can expand storage by using the Micro-SD slot.  Other features include

  • Over 30 compatible file formats
  • Noise Canceller
  • Dolby Sound Technology
  • 4G LTE
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • 2850mAh Battery
  • GPS and more

The price for the Aquaris E5s is 159,90€.

Smartphone Airis 6” Quad Core (ref. TM60Q)

Aris smartphones also has a great variety in models.  This version of the Airis 6” uses the operating system Android 4.4.2 and a quad core processor. It comes with 1 GB of RAM, 8 GB of storage, and a Micro-SD slot.  It also comes with a Dual SIM card, a 2600 mAh lithium ion battery and includes other featuressuch as

  • Micro USB
  • GPSf
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Flash LED
  • 8Mpx rear camera with a 2Mpx front camera

The price for this Airis 6” is 179,90€.

Of course there are many other smartphones manufactured by these companies and many other brands out there.  These two are phones are just examples of what is available to you.  Although cost should be a factor, it is more important to find a smartphone whose features will make your work life easier.

I blog about mobile phones because I believe that they are a part of the future. I believe that mobile phones are more than a tool to text, take selfies, and constantly check your crush’s Facebook page. It has so many other cool features to offer its user. From the first cellphone, mobile phones have come a long way.

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